About TIGG

TIGG Corporation specializes manufacturing equipment that uses granular activated carbon(GAC) as filtration media for air and water purification for environmental remediation, industrial processing and municipal water treatment applications. Purifying Air and Water

Activated Carbon Adsorption Equipment
TIGG manufactures Activated Carbon Adsorption Equipment for sale or rent. These GAC Adsorbers are used for remediation and other purposes.

Starting off with a focus on environmental remediation, TIGG has been engineering and manufacturing steel tanks and pressure vessels to be used as activated carbon adsorbers and activated carbon filters for more than 35 years. Building on our manufacturing experience, we now fabricate steel tanks and pressure vessels in our ASME code shop as a standalone business line.

In addition to providing activated carbon equipment, TIGG’s experienced engineers work with clients to design integrated activated carbon systems. TIGG also provides a variety of services including activated carbon filtration equipment rental programs, various types of activated carbon and other filtration media and activated carbon exchange service change outs.


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