Independent Lab Study Shows TIGG Activated Carbon Removes TTHMs


A recent study conducted by an independent environmental laboratory proves that TIGG’s 5DC 1230 activated carbon is effective at removing TTHMs from municipal drinking water. The test was sponsored by a municipality that needed to come into compliance with the EPA’s DPB Stage 2 regulations.

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Independent Study

The study sponsor historically had high levels of TTHM in its water that ranged between 105 and 171 µg/L. The municipality talked to TIGG about a water purification adsorption system. While some in the industry insist that coal-based activated carbon is the most effective means of removing disinfection byproducts from municipal drinking water, TIGG experts recommended their 5DC 1230 virgin coconut activated carbon.

The municipality had an independent laboratory run a pilot study using a rapid small-scale column test. They used TIGG’s 5DC 12 x 30 NSF activated carbon, which is designed to remove low concentrations of contaminants from potable water. The laboratory found that initial TTHM concentrations of 138 µg/L were reduced to < 1.0 µg/L following treatment with virgin coconut activated carbon. Based on the scale-up of the testing, it was determined that a full scale carbon adsorber would effectively treat TTHMs for 325 days before the bed needed a changeout.

Not only is coconut-based activated carbon effective, it is typically more economical than coal-based activated carbon. The report shows the laboratory’s results over a 24-day period.


About TIGG Corporation

TIGG Corporation has more than three decades of experience developing a broad range of systems, equipment and services for removing trace contaminants from air and water. At our 155,000 sq. ft. state of the art manufacturing facility we produce more than 60 standard modular adsorbers, which can be filled with a tailored media to meet your company’s specifications. We are a leader in our industry because we provide activated carbon and adsorbers, ready to ship at a moment’s notice. Our scope of supply can include pumps and blowers, pre-filters, mist eliminators, ductwork and piping modules, and controls and measurement instrumentations. In addition to our systems that remove organics, we can also remove dissolved metals, oil, and grease particles and contaminants. Building on our manufacturing experience, TIGG now sells stand alone steel tanks and pressure vessels as a new business line. Today we are one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of modular adsorbers and pressure vessels of all shapes, sizes, and description. Our technical specialists average more than 30 years of environmental and process application experience. They use this expertise to help you meet compliance goals, achieve treatment cost savings, or recycle process byproduct waste material and more.
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