TIGG Names Doug Murray New Plant Manager

TIGG Names Doug Murray New Plant Manager
Murray Brings Manufacturing Experience to Heber Springs, Ark. Facility

TIGG Plant Manager
Taking over leadership of TIGG’s Heber Springs, Ark. production facility February 11, Doug Murray brings years of manufacturing experience to the company. With a bachelor’s in science from Missouri State University, he has been exposed to many business aspects including accounting, human resources economics and operations management.

HEBER SPRINGS, Ark., March 27 ― TIGG Corporation announced the February 11 hiring of Doug Murray as the company’s Heber Springs, Ark. manufacturing facility plant manager. In his new position, Murray will direct all plant activities including production, warehousing and distribution while managing costs and implementing worker safety programs.
“Several qualified candidates applied for the position and it was tough narrowing it down to just one,” said TIGG President Georgiana Riley. “However, we’re confident we made the right choice and that hiring Doug will help TIGG continue to produce quality equipment for its customers.”
Previously, Murray oversaw 63 workers on four production lines while employed as the supervisor of manufacturing at a carbide forming and shaping facility. He sees both similarities and differences between his old and new positions.
“The biggest thing we made at my old job was the size of a coffee cup. Now, I’m making equipment that takes a semi-trailer to deliver,” Murray said. “But, just like before, my job is focused on satisfying customer needs in a manufacturing environment.”
TIGG employees will see changes moving forward at the plant that will come in short bursts. Murray said his main approach would be to utilize basic lean principals, which include streamlining the manufacturing processes, enhancing the management of employee hours and ensuring required materials are ready at each stage of the process.
“At TIGG, we’re geared up to expand and hope to increase our 21-person Heber Springs workforce if sales growth continues,” Murray said. “I also hope TIGG can become more involved in the community and local functions.
TIGG has more than 35 years of experience designing and building steel tanks and pressure vessels that are primarily used for air and water purification. The company has 155,000 square feet of fabrication and warehouse space in Heber Springs and a headquarters facility in Oakdale, Pa.


About TIGG Corporation

TIGG Corporation has more than three decades of experience developing a broad range of systems, equipment and services for removing trace contaminants from air and water. At our 155,000 sq. ft. state of the art manufacturing facility we produce more than 60 standard modular adsorbers, which can be filled with a tailored media to meet your company’s specifications. We are a leader in our industry because we provide activated carbon and adsorbers, ready to ship at a moment’s notice. Our scope of supply can include pumps and blowers, pre-filters, mist eliminators, ductwork and piping modules, and controls and measurement instrumentations. In addition to our systems that remove organics, we can also remove dissolved metals, oil, and grease particles and contaminants. Building on our manufacturing experience, TIGG now sells stand alone steel tanks and pressure vessels as a new business line. Today we are one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of modular adsorbers and pressure vessels of all shapes, sizes, and description. Our technical specialists average more than 30 years of environmental and process application experience. They use this expertise to help you meet compliance goals, achieve treatment cost savings, or recycle process byproduct waste material and more.
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