Safety Main Goal As Expert Recertifies TIGG in HAZWOPPER Procedures

ImageTIGG technical sales representatives, engineers and other employees attended an eight-hour Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) refresher course on July 11 at the company’s Oakdale, Pa. headquarters.

The yearly refresher course, which follows a one-time, 40-hour OSHA class, is mandatory for individuals whose duties may take them to a job site that could contain hazardous materials.

“I believe it is important for workers to identify and predict potential hazards for their own safety,” said David Thomson, an instructor for TMC LTD., an environmental, health and safety consulting firm. “My goal is to give participants the ability to make informed decisions when it comes to being safe.”

During his lecture, Thompson covered topics such as confined space entry, hazardous material placard identification, emergency response procedures and the proper use of protective equipment.

At one point in the lesson, participants donned protective gloves and the instructor filled the palms of their hands with shaving cream. They were then tasked with carefully removing the gloves by turning them inside out while trying not to let the shaving cream escape.

This exercise demonstrated the necessity to proceed with caution after coming into contact with hazardous materials.

TIGG Senior Vice President Anthony Mazzoni explained that the HAZWOPER recertification is essential because it means that credentialed company representatives can visit client sites to provide technical advice and expertise during system set-up and operations. It allows TIGG employees to be onsite while assessing various treatment technologies and helping clients troubleshoot complex adsorption and filtration systems.

“I think everything we talked about today was important,” said Mike Bickel, a participant in the HAZWOPER recertification class and TIGG business development manager.

“This refresher course helped put safety back at the top of my mind where it belongs.”


About TIGG Corporation

TIGG Corporation has more than three decades of experience developing a broad range of systems, equipment and services for removing trace contaminants from air and water. At our 155,000 sq. ft. state of the art manufacturing facility we produce more than 60 standard modular adsorbers, which can be filled with a tailored media to meet your company’s specifications. We are a leader in our industry because we provide activated carbon and adsorbers, ready to ship at a moment’s notice. Our scope of supply can include pumps and blowers, pre-filters, mist eliminators, ductwork and piping modules, and controls and measurement instrumentations. In addition to our systems that remove organics, we can also remove dissolved metals, oil, and grease particles and contaminants. Building on our manufacturing experience, TIGG now sells stand alone steel tanks and pressure vessels as a new business line. Today we are one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of modular adsorbers and pressure vessels of all shapes, sizes, and description. Our technical specialists average more than 30 years of environmental and process application experience. They use this expertise to help you meet compliance goals, achieve treatment cost savings, or recycle process byproduct waste material and more.
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