TIGG Integrates Ideas and Technologies to Provide Remediation Rental Success

When an environmental remediation company secured a contract to clean up the site of a former manufactured gas plant in a New York community, it realized the process would require a host of different technologies to address contaminated soil as well as ground and surface water.

TIGG Corporation was called upon to provide a solution for treating the contact water because of its ability to meet the company’s requirements of reasonable pricing, immediate rental equipment availability and technical expertise.

TIGG helped rescue the project, which initially employed one of its competitors, who provided inadequate engineering and a solution that was not meeting treatment objectives.

“With the goal of removing contaminants from groundwater in an area near a shopping center, we worked with the remediation contractor to help ensure the safety of the public,” said TIGG Director of Project Engineering Jeff Iman. “We delivered an idea and the apparatus to implement it in a little over three weeks.”

Initially, TIGG developed a water treatment system that combined various technologies to separate oil and coal-tar residuals from the contact water. This process included gravity separators, centrifugal pumps, bag filter units and vessels containing oil-absorbent media and activated carbon.

However, it was soon discovered that cyanide was prevalent in the water. The remediation contractor suggested that iron coprecipitation be used to treat the water and remove the substance. Prior to implementing this plan, the contractor asked TIGG to confirm the treatment process in the laboratory.

After meticulously bench-testing different treatment methods, TIGG identified an anion exchange resin as the best method for removing cyanide from the contact water.

Once the environmental remediation company saw the test results, TIGG incorporated a secondary bag filter skid into the plan and added two anion water filtration vessels. This additional equipment safely removed the cyanide from the water.

As part of its overall service agreement with the environmental remediation contractor, TIGG exchanged spent media with fresh media in the filtration vessels, while offering continuous technical support on the overall process.

“Thanks to our bench testing and ability to integrate various technologies to meet changing needs, the project was executed in a timely and effective manner,” said Iman. “The end result was clean water ready to be introduced back into the local ecosystem.”



About TIGG Corporation

TIGG Corporation has more than three decades of experience developing a broad range of systems, equipment and services for removing trace contaminants from air and water. At our 155,000 sq. ft. state of the art manufacturing facility we produce more than 60 standard modular adsorbers, which can be filled with a tailored media to meet your company’s specifications. We are a leader in our industry because we provide activated carbon and adsorbers, ready to ship at a moment’s notice. Our scope of supply can include pumps and blowers, pre-filters, mist eliminators, ductwork and piping modules, and controls and measurement instrumentations. In addition to our systems that remove organics, we can also remove dissolved metals, oil, and grease particles and contaminants. Building on our manufacturing experience, TIGG now sells stand alone steel tanks and pressure vessels as a new business line. Today we are one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of modular adsorbers and pressure vessels of all shapes, sizes, and description. Our technical specialists average more than 30 years of environmental and process application experience. They use this expertise to help you meet compliance goals, achieve treatment cost savings, or recycle process byproduct waste material and more.
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